Welcome to the Tamakloe Family Association web site. We believe that this site will be of interest to anyone affiliated to Togbui Nyaho Tamakloe I maternally or paternally.

Our mission is to promote communication among members of the Tamakloe family, to strengthen our family ties, to put family history in perspective, and to provide genealogical information through membership in the Tamakloe Family Association. In view of the hectic lifestyles we lead and our geographical locations it's impossible to meet up as often as we would like. This website is designed so that you can browse at your convenience and still catch up with the rest of the family.

Please, come inside! Take a look around. You'll like what we have to offer, and you will want to join our growing group. If you have any ideas or contributions to make please send them to us via email or by post. The details can be found on the Contact Us page.

If you find any broken or improperly working links, please report the problem to us.

Thank you and welcome.

Our Genealogy Policy

We aim to be a clearing house for Tamakloe genealogy

We believe that by working together as an organization and sharing our results, we can accomplish much more than by working alone. We hope you will join the Association and tell others about what we are doing.

We want to have contact with those people who search our data bases so that we can not only help them find their Tamakloe ancestor but also receive any genealogy they have, even if it cannot be tied to Togbui Nyaho Tamakloe I (maternal or paternal) as yet.We are constantly building our data base and are more than happy to help you. We are a volunteer organization and try to have no more than a 24 hour turn around time in answering e-mail.We collect all 'mystery' Tamakloe genealogy and compare it to any incoming genealogy for a match. If we find a match, we contact the person who gave us the mystery genealogy to let them know.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.